Ampworks: Guitar Amplifier Repair and Design in Newark

I am offering a service repairing audio electronic equipment (valve and transistor based) in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

I offer a fast and friendly guitar amplifier repair service that is competitively priced. I qualified with a Masters in Electronic Engineering from the University of York and studied under a well-respected amp repairer and manufacturer in the North of England. I gained extensive experience of amplifier repairs in this position and during my time as repairman and salesperson for a major musical instrument retailer.

I currently work as a development engineer for a world-leading audio engineering company and dedicate my spare time to the repair and design of guitar and bass amplifiers. As an active musician, playing in a range of different bands, I really do understand how crucial it is to have your gear in top condition!

If your beloved guitar amplifier or bass amplifier is in need of repair, servicing, upgrading or modifying, then please do get in touch to discuss your needs.

Crossover Effects

Crossover Effects – How a crossover affects your sub.

(Take that, Grammar Nazis…) Just a quick post – someone on Guitar/amp help tips and fixes Facebook group was asking about whether a sub woofer was required for use with vocals. My first reaction was that there was no need at all – I’ve always used sub only for kick and bass guitar, but he’d found that it […]

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MXR Carbon Copy Repair

I’ve talked elsewhere (here and here) about Carbon copy repairs and the ESD issue that causes the problem. I’m just going to take a moment to discuss the symptoms that show the problem in the carbon copy pedal. As I understand it, this issue has been fixed in new production units so if you’re buying, […]

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Trace Elliot GP7SM Repair

A recent Trace Elliot GP7SM Repair, a amp service actually. The owner brought the amp in for a check over before sale. This is a really beautiful Trace Elliot! This particular AH350 (from the early 90s) uses the Trace MOSFET output stage, with Lateral type audio FETs. These are expensive, but worth it – the […]

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Mesa Boogie Repair - Dual Rectifier Maverick

Mesa Boogie Repair – Maverick (Dual Rectifier)

This Mesa Boogie repair was one of the nicest amps to play, but one of the longest repairs of the year I’m afraid! In this case, the Maverick had a problem with the channel switching. After a few minutes the rhythm channel would increase in volume, and the lead channel would bleed through an unpleasant […]

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Guitar amp attenuators, Variable Voltage, Power Scaling

Guitar amp attenuators I’ve had a lot of questions recently along the very familiar theme of ‘How do I make my amp quieter (whilst still sounding like a bad-mother rock’n’roll star, of course)’. It’s a problem that many face, so I’m throwing some notes together in one place. I’m fortunate that the guitar world is […]

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Silent Single Coil

Cancelling electromagnetic interference on a single coil guitar. Status: Ongoing Started: May 2012. Edited: October 2014 Edited: May 2016 Background: In April 2012 I played guitar in the pit for a production of The Full Monty at the Palace Theatre in Mansfield. The show being largely funk based, I took along a guitar with single coils […]

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Behringer DC9 Frequency Response

Behringer DC9 Observations

This pedal is based on the MXR Dyna Comp, much like the Ross Comp, Keeley Comp, and others. The pedal uses an OTA, the LM13700 to limit the signal. For an in depth look at how an OTA based compressor works, see R.G. Keen’s Mine’s a niche use for this pedal – and I may attempt a […]

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Marshall JCM 2000 Repair – TSL 100

Marshall JCM2000 repair I get quite a lot of the JCM2000 series in for repair – both DSL and TSL. I think it’s because they were so popular, rather than any endemic issues. This particular JCM2000 is a TSL100, the triple super lead model. I’m writing the blog post quite a while after the repair […]

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